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15x the best unknown zoos in the Netherlands for children

Tip: Due to the corona measures, it may be necessary to order or reserve a ticket online in advance. Always check the website for the latest developments before departure.

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1. AquaZoo Friesland

This zoo is quite an experience for your child. There are, among others. seals, flamingos, pelicans, ring-tailed lemurs and varios. Oh, and there is a large playground and petting zoo. So nobody has to be bored.

2. Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

Not quite a zoo, but well worth a visit. In the renovated and expanded Sea Aquarium, more than 300 different fish species can be seen, all divided into themes. From the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean.

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3. Orchids Hoeve

Here you as a visitor travel from continent to continent and walk among more than 2000 different orchids. Also to be spotted: butterflies, iguanas and fish.

4. ZooParc Overloon

The largest group of straw-necked ibis (birds) in the world lives here. But you can also see cheetahs, small pandas, monkeys, kangaroos and even more special animal and plant species. Treasure hunts are organized for children.

5. Animal kingdom Nuenen

In Dierenrijk you can see animals up close. Tip: don’t miss the unique shows with seals and elephants.

6. Iguana Vlissingen

Iguana is a shelter for reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. Do the animals still get a nice second life.

7. Owl and animal park De Paay

This park in Beesd is about one hectare and has about 78 different animal species. The animals’ enclosures are close to the trails, allowing you to get very close.

8. Hoenderdaell estate

At animal park Hoenderdaell in Anna Paulowna you can find a wide range of animals, some of which even roam freely through the park.

Landgoed Hoenderdaell is currently closed due to the corona measures.

9. See-ZOO

This animal park in Volkel is the first HealthcareZOO in the Netherlands. Zie-ZOO is largely run by people with a form of autism. What animals can you see here? Everything: from animals from Norway to South Africa and from Mexico to Japan

10. Blanck deal

This nice place in Tuitjenhorn is a zoo, playground and museum in one. Also good to know: Blanckendeall has been voted the most wheelchair-friendly zoo in the Netherlands.

Blanckendeall is currently closed due to the corona measures.

11. DoZoo Leens

Spiders, snakes, insects, squirrels, parrots: you have everything here. If you participate in the tour, your child will (if he wants to) get a tarantula on his hand or a snake around his neck.

12. The Oliemeulen Tilburg

They call themselves ‘the strangest animal park in the Netherlands’. Why? Here you can expect everything from stray skunks to flying dogs.

13. Reptile house De Aarde Breda

Quite an experience for children, because here they are allowed to touch and sometimes even hold animals under supervision.

14. Faunapark Flakkee in Nieuwe-Tonge

Here meerkats welcome you at the entrance and owls look at you from afar. But there are more special animals, such as foxes, coatis, tropical birds and porcupines. Good to know: you cannot pin there.

15. BestZOO

A cozy animal park in Best where children can see the animals up close. Come face to face with monkeys from South America, panthers from Asia, marsupials from Australia and kingfishers from Europe. And don’t skip the playground and petting zoo.

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