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Zodiac sign Libra: these are the characteristics of your child


Arguing with a boyfriend or brother or sister? You may not have to be the peacemaker, because your little Libra will probably take care of it again. Harmony is his magic word for a reason.

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Sense of beauty

Painting, drawing, writing stories: your child is quite creative. He also has a good sense of beauty. Libra women in particular love luxury and beautiful things.

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Turn your back on a friend or relative? Your child will not do that easily. He is very devoted to his loved ones and likes to put them in the spotlight.


Making a decision may not be the strongest side of your little Libra. He prefers to postpone decisions and is quite a perfectionist.

The latter can of course be to his advantage in the field of work. It could be that a career as a designer or diplomat is for him. The legal profession and jurisdiction also fit with a Libra.

Source: Astro Art & Paravisie

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