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YouTube is testing a crazy video opportunity

Is this useful? It feels a little crazy. The new YouTube video capability.

You can’t really edit a video on YouTube. Yes, you can determine the quality. And play the video slowly or faster. But it is. The American video site now adds another option to these already existing options.

YouTube is testing the video option to be able to zoom while watching. This is on your mobile of course, because most computers do not have a touch screen.

You can zoom in vide by pinching with two fingers. The new capability was discovered by 9to5Google. The catch is that only paid subscribers can use the feature. You must therefore have a subscription to YouTube Premium to be eligible for the feature.

YouTube will be testing the feature in the coming month. Based on feedback, it will then be checked whether the feature needs to be adjusted or not. The feature will eventually be rolled out publicly.

And then you too, provided you have a subscription, can zoom in a video on YouTube. The question is somewhat what this video opportunity on YouTube really adds. And why this has to be a paid position..

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