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Autoland burned down? The Germans keep their money together

Fewer new cars were registered in Germany in July than they have been in decades. Compared to the previous month, it fell by 13 percent. Hybrid cars in particular are no longer trendy. Good sales figures for e-cars improve the overall result slightly.

Car sales in Germany are falling sharply

According to new figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany in July only 206,000 new cars registered been. This corresponds to a decrease of 13 percent compared to the previous month. In a three-year comparison, 34 percent fewer cars were sold in the first seven months.

the Reasons for the significant decline can be found, among other things, in the event of persistent supply bottlenecks. Semiconductors in particular remain in short supply, and there is no sign of a short-term recovery in the situation. According to the consulting firm EY, sharply increased prices for raw materials and energy and Russia’s war in Ukraine are also causing fewer cars to be produced and sold.

Only at electric cars the numbers look happier. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, new registrations increased by 13 percent to more than 28,800 vehicles. The share of e-cars in all new registrations is now 14 percent. On the other hand, German buyers showed much less interest in plug-in hybrids in July than before. Registrations fell by 21 percent.

Is switching to an electric car worth it?

Car registration: Porsche and Tesla remain popular

Porsche and Tesla were the only major manufacturers to sell more cars in July than before. At Porsche, sales increased by 5 percent, at Tesla by a whole 142.1 percent. In Germany, Tesla has a market share of 0.6 percent.

VW, on the other hand, has to complain about lower sales figures. At Smart they went Sales down 85 percent. Nevertheless, with almost 20 percent, VW has the largest share of all new registrations in Germany (source: Federal Motor Transport Authority).

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