You should not miss these cool iPhone gadgets!

The Apple iPhone is a best-selling smartphone. There are many cool iPhone gadgets for you to find. We’ve listed the best.

Since the launch of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs, things have gone fast. Apple sells huge numbers of smartphones and the iPhone is still one of the best selling phones. You can also do a lot more with it than just calling. That is why there are many iPhone gadgets to be found.

iPhone gadgets

The offer is almost unlimited. The iPhone has of course been for sale for quite some time, which is why there are many suppliers of gadgets and accessories. We have listed the best ones for you below.

Razer Kishic

We start right away with an absolute topper: the Razer Kishi. Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular and the smartphone manufacturers are also noticing this. But the suppliers of gadgets are also cleverly responding to this. The Kishi turns your iPhone into a small game console. And does it in an easy way. You click your iPhone in and connect it to the charging port. Then you can get started. Awesome!

Just check whether your favorite game is suitable for this gadget.

Image via Razor


You finally have your wanted smartphone, drop it. An eternal shame, so good protection of your device is useful. And that’s where the cover manufacturer Mous comes into the picture. They make beautiful cases, but also sturdy ones. For example, they drop it from a hot air balloon and the iPhone stays intact. The covers are available in different designs: from transparent to bamboo.

Mouse iPhone gadget
Image via Mouse


The holiday is coming. For many people, that means sitting in the car for a long time. And if you are not driving, you are often looking at your smartphone. Your battery runs out quickly, so it’s nice to recharge. This is possible via this charger that you can plug into your cigarette lighter. Nice and easy, that’s why this iPhone gadget is indispensable on a (car) trip.

Charger iPhone gadget
Image via Anchor


One of the most used features of the iPhone is the camera. You can already take beautiful photos with your iPhone, but if you want to go a step further, this lens is for you. Moment’s 58mm telephoto lets you get closer for more compact, sharper shots without having to use the digital zoom.

Lens iPhone gadget
Image via Apple

Card holder (and more)

The Spigen Smart Fold Wallet MagSafe is both beautiful and functional and should not be missing from this list of iPhone gadgets. You can store two cards in it, after you have attached it to your iPhone with magnets. You can also use it to put your smartphone down, so you can enjoy Netflix.

Image via Spigen

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