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you really shouldn’t buy this color

The iPhone 14 is now available in six different colors. But some of these colors are better not to buy. iPhoned tells you why.

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It is better not to buy these colors of the iPhone 14

Apple recently released the iPhone 14 in a new color. The bright yellow iPhone 14 (and iPhone 14 Plus) takes place next to the other five colors of the latest iPhone. Yet there are a few of these colors that you should not buy.

Black, white or a bright color

The good thing about an iPhone is that it retains its value quite well. So do you want to buy a new iPhone after two or three years? Then you can often get rid of your old iPhone for a nice price. Unless you have one of the iPhone’s more striking colors…

In general, the neutral colors of the iPhone are the most popular. Sometimes there is a color that is sold a lot, such as the purple iPhone 14 Pro (Max). But even then, the black iPhone is one of the most popular colors.

If you plan to sell your iPhone later, it is better to take one of the neutral iPhone 14 colors, such as black or white. They usually sell easier than the striking colors, such as yellow or red.

iphone 14 yellow

In addition, a case is often the first thing you buy with a new iPhone. Unless you opt for a transparent cover, you will hardly see anything of the color. So even if you really like some of the popping colors of the iPhone 14, you won’t see them anymore. You can always buy an iPhone 14 case in one of the striking colors.

iPhone 14 in brief

The iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch screen and the A15 Bionic processor. You may remember that chip from its predecessor, the iPhone 13 (although that chip is now slightly faster). The camera of the iPhone 14 is again a bit better than the iPhone 13 (especially in low light). In addition, the selfie camera has a larger aperture and autofocus. There are also brand new features such as Accident Detection.

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