You can watch NPO programs together with friends

Chatting with friends about that embarrassing date in First Dates? Which can! NPO has added NPO Samen. This allows you to watch the same program remotely. In this article we explain how it works.

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Watching NPO Start together: this is how NPO works together

NPO Samen does not yet work in the NPO’s Android app, but it does work in the browser and via your laptop or desktop PC. Of course you can also watch your favorite NPO programs together on a tablet. NPO Samen is still in beta for the time being. That means you can run into problems and crashes. However, it worked very nicely during testing.

This is how NPO works together:

  1. Go to the NPO website on your Android smartphone or computer;
  2. Find the program you want to watch together;
  3. Tap the icon in the top right to view together;
  4. Enter your name and tap the orange link;
  5. This link you share with friends (eg via WhatsApp);
  6. Return to the browser: required viewing pleasure!

The creator of the group is then in control. He / she can pause or resume the program, after which the picture also stops or resumes with the others. That way no one is behind and you all look exactly the same. You can have up to four people at once NPO look together.

Do you watch together on your smartphone? Then you can just leave your browser, for example to get something to drink. Your camera will then go black and the ‘viewers’ will not see what you are doing. Pay attention, because your microphone will remain on. So you can just keep chatting with your friends.

It seems that you can watch all documentaries, films and programs of the NPO together with friends.

More streaming tips

NPO is not the first streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite programs with friends. Netflix Party does much the same, but for Netflix. Thanks to this plugin, you can all watch the same movie or series at the same time via the browser. There are also several ways to listen to music together, for example via Spotify.

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