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Xiaomi Mi 11 appeared in the photos

After today’s article about OnePlus 9 5G, which also appeared in the photos, we also have photos of Xiaomi Mi 11. It is not a Pro model, as it should have more lenses and one of them should be periscope.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the photos

We are slowly but surely approaching the end of this year, which means that the time for the introduction of a new generation of flagships of all manufacturers is slowly approaching. This comes hand in hand with leaks of photos and equipment specifications. Xiaomi Mi 11 someone was discreetly taken probably during a photo shoot for the posters.

Today we discovered high-quality photos of the back of the Mi 11, which someone held in their hands in an inconspicuous way and walked with it. Maybe it will be a controlled leak that Xiaomi knows about and prepared? GSMArena has a similar opinion and I write that this escape seems to be a bit stronger. One way or another, it doesn’t matter that much and we are especially happy to see this news.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is supposed to have an island of cameras similar to the iPhone 11 or 12. Just that the cameras will have three – two larger lenses (main and ultra-wide) and one smaller, probably in-depth. It should have a better set of lenses for the model – a 50 MP main sensor, an unknown ultra-wide sensor, a 12 MP telephoto lens and a 12 MP periscope lens. We know nothing about the lenses of the basic model.

The model will also receive a QHD + AMOLED display with a 120 Hz frequency, while the basic model will probably only receive a FullHD + AMOLED display with an unknown refresh rate. Both models will receive a Snapdragon 888 and probably a 4800 mAh battery for the base model and a 5000 mAh battery for the Pro model. Both models are expected to receive 55 W fast charging.

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