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Samsung has released an application that will improve the performance of its gaming phones

The days when Snake or Angry Birds were the pinnacle of mobile gaming are long gone. Even below-average smartphones today can start the game, with which a computer, for example, would have a problem a few years ago. The hardware is moving forward at a dizzying pace and we can enjoy it on the phones as well great looking, sophisticated and performance demanding titles. In such a situation, it is necessary to keep in mind that updates and the arrival of new games place new and new demands on hardware almost every day. Especially for graphics processors or GPU. Under normal circumstances, their drivers are updated along with other updates. But it is no longer enough and it needs to be done more often. Samsung, which has now released GameDriver, is also aware of this.

Samsung GameDriver – Mali (S20 / N20)

The new tool has a constant task monitoring the up-to-dateness of GPU drivers. It is held not only by a Korean company, but also by partner developers and game publishers or graphics processor manufacturers led by ARM and Qualcomm. Samsung GameDriver is currently available for Galaxy S20 and Note 20 models. It only supports games so far Call of Duty: Mobile, Black Desert and Fortnite. But more mobile phones and titles will be added.

Samsung GameDriver - Adreno (S20 / N20)

Samsung GameDriver – Adreno (S20 / N20)

A similar update prince was introduced some time ago by Xiaomi and OPPO. Their selected phones also have the option download GPU drivers outside the classic period of system or security updates. It can be expected that other manufacturers will be added with the same principle.

How satisfied are you with the gaming performance of your mobile phone?

Source: XDA

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