XCloud servers to adopt Xbox Series X

Microsoft will be modifying xCloud’s servers in the coming weeks to switch to Xbox Series X. Gamers will therefore be entitled to much better performance and shorter load times in games.

“The update of Microsoft’s data centers with the Xbox Series X, our next generation console, is coming to an end”, indicated Microsoft. “This means you will be able to enjoy reduced load times, more frames per second and experience games optimized for Xbox Series X / S”, adds the group.

As it stands, xCloud’s servers are the equivalent of an Xbox One S. Several players have criticized the loading times, which can sometimes be really long, which spoils the gaming experience. This will soon change thanks to the improvement of the servers.

In addition to switching the xCloud servers to the equivalent of Xbox Series X, Microsoft announces that its web-accessible service will soon be available to everyone. It is, for the moment, only available by invitation. It will be accessible on Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers for users with an iPhone or iPad. The latter do not have a dedicated application on the App Store because Apple has too strict rules with cloud gaming and Microsoft (like Google and Nvidia) prefers to use a Web App to bypass them.

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