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iPhone: India could in turn force Apple’s hand on the USB-C port

As of fall 2024, 15 categories of electronic products (including the iPhone) will switch to the USB-C port, which means that the iPhone can no longer be marketed with its port. Lightning on the old continent. The pressure is still increasing as we have just learned that India could follow the same path.

An article from the Live Mint website inform us indeed that the Indian government will organize a meeting chaired by the Secretary of Consumer Affairs Rohit Kumar Singh, a meeting in which many representatives of the heavyweights of tech will participate. The subject of this next meeting would concern the future obligation of a standard charger for all electronic devices. In other words, Apple is likely to also have to abandon the Lightning in the second mobile market behind China.

As a reminder, the Cupertino company has always opposed the proposal for a single port for all manufacturers, arguing that the obligation of a single type of port is detrimental to innovation. Some leakers like Jon Prosser even believe that Apple will never switch to USB-C and will prefer to remove the charging port from its iPhones, leaving only induction charging as a possibility.

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