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With a camper through Scandinavia: you have to do this


The road through the sea
If you’re driving through Norway, make sure you catch the Atlantic Road. A very beautiful, special route straight through the water.

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The fjords
The Geirangerfjord in Norway is a tourist attraction for a reason, the view is phenomenal.



Cinnamon Buns
One of the nicest places you fika can do – the Swedish coffee break with sweet kanelbullar – is Flickorna Lundgren in Skäret. A super sweet bakery in a flower garden where you can eat the tastiest cinnamon buns.


In Sweden they often have a warm lunch. In many restaurants day lunch on the menu: a salad buffet with salmon and mashed potatoes, meatballs with cranberry sauce and for dessert coffee with a biscuit.

Oysters and fish
If you are in one of the fishing villages on the west coast of Sweden you really have to try the fish. For example oysters in Grebbestad, they are absolutely top.


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To do

Play in the castle garden
The Sofero Castle is located in Helsingborg, Denmark. In the beautiful garden you can have a picnic and there are playhouses that used to belong to the princesses.

Shopping at Grandpa
You can really enjoy shopping in Gothenburg, Sweden. For example at the super nice store Grandpa.

Swimming in Mölle
Mölle is a fishing village with white wooden houses. You can swim and play on the pebble beach.


To the kallbadhus
A kallbadhus is a sauna by the sea, so you can jump straight into the cool water from the heat. In Sweden, everyone thinks it is perfectly normal to go to the sauna with your child.


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