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Will we see this on our streets soon?

The turnaround in mobility hasn’t only picked up speed since the 9-euro ticket. E-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars have also started to open up new ways for us to get from A to B. A crazy example from the USA shows that it doesn’t have to stay with this selection. But is it really that crazy?

Crazy idea from the USA could overtake e-scooters

The 9-euro ticket has its last few weeks ahead of it, politicians, society and transport associations are discussing how it can continue. That in addition to public transport, e-cars and the like, there is still a lot Alternatives for more environmentally friendly mobility are currently being pushed into the background.

A look across the pond shows that it can be worthwhile to think outside the box: in Tampa, Florida a rental company relies on golf carts, with which customers can cruise through the city (source: Tampa Bay Times).

The mini-companions are suitable for city traffic for several reasons: the Autobahn is not overly fast anyway, but the toothless gas pedal could be used for that more security in inner cities worries. This is an advantage, especially compared to e-bikes or e-scooters, whose accident statistics are constantly rising to new heights.

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Golf carts as an alternative to the car: That’s only possible in the big city

Channelside Golf Cart Rentals in Tampa currently has eight four-person golf carts available for rental. Space for several passengers or additional storage space – possibly for the larger weekly shop – so there is. Especially in big cities like Berlin or Munich, where owning your own car can be a test for your nerves and wallet, such a golf cart rental could be of interest.

The electric car is still the first alternative for climate-friendly mobility:

All that is still missing for the concept to really prove to be a sustainable mobility alternative is the electric drive. The provider in Tampa still does without that. The golf carts are also available with batteries. For a German counterpart, in contrast to sunny Florida, you would also have to provide a few weatherproof karts for the winter.

By the way: Not only in Tampa there are appropriate rentals. Apparently, a provider of city tours in Rome also uses golf carts for sightseeing trips. Step by step, such offers could also become openly bookable rental golf carts. We are curious to see whether the idea catches on elsewhere.

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