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The vast majority of you have probably seen a trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, which is due to hit theaters later this year. So if you do not avoid it intentionally and then you would undoubtedly ignore this article, which of course cannot avoid spoilers. Fans in the trailer miss actor Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus. After all, its representative made it known some time ago that he would not appear in the film. Although we don’t get the details yet, it seems that his absence is, according to many fans, given by The Matrix Online. This is an MMO from Monolith Productions, which followed on from the original films and operated from 2005 to 2009.

When the last film went to theaters, there was no indication that he would ever see another sequel on the silver screen. Instead, fans had to turn their attention to the online game, which was seen as part of the official canon. Similar to the other two games – Shiny’s Enter the Matrix in 2003 and Shiny’s The Matrix: Path of Neo in 2005. In The Matrix Online, Morpheus tries to get the machines to return Neo’s body. And when he fails to do so, he begins to detonate charges that can compromise the integrity of the entire simulation and alert others to what is happening around them.

In one such action, a killer programmed by the machines and Morphea are hung on him k to the great surprise of the players kills. It seems so, although this popular hero may return in a different form and incarnation, that the events of the MMO The Matrix Resurrections are taken by filmmakers as an integral part of the whole world. This is despite the fact that fans speculated that Morpheus may have just pretended to die, to get out of sight of the machines. If such a thing is possible at all.

Although there are various things in the canon according to the fans that contradict each other, for example in the field of comics and short films, it would be really great in a way if the new film honored the age-old MMO and followed it up.

The paradox is the whole situation in that such the vast majority of fans would not directly witness a crucial moment in the whole series, and because the game itself is long off, they would have to try to revive this moment only thanks to the recorded videos. Unless the new film reminded her humorously. The fact that there is a connection between the movies and the game is also indicated by the lightning-fast shot of Nea in the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. It appears at about the twelfth second. Indeed, he suggests that the machines never gave up on Neo’s body, triggering a chain of events that led to Morphe’s death.

Zdroj: Warner Bros. Pictures

As you can probably imagine, Morpheus’ death caused a great stir among players and fans at the time. It happened very soon after the game started, and moreover, there were doubts as to whether it made any sense under world rules. This, after all, has led to speculation that this mentor is not really dead. But that would be for a longer debate. However, given the crucial role involved, it is unlikely that developers would dare to kill Morphea without permission. And even though, according to the fans, there are various things in the canon that contradict each other, for example in the field of comics and short films, it would be really great in a way if the new film honored the age-old MMO and followed it up.

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