When will the sharp One UI 4 containing Android 12 finally come out?

You are looking forward to the arrival of a new one on your Samsung mobile phone One UI 4 superstructure and with it the Android 12 system? We now know approximately what the date of this event will be. The first beta version, available only to a select few in a few selected countries, was released a few weeks ago. We saw the expansion to more regions and the arrival of beta 2 a few days ago, and the third test release will probably arrive this week. The sharp version should then see the light of day with a longer distance, specifically in December.

The date, or at least a month, was mentioned by one of the moderators in Samsung Members and refers specifically to Korean operators. So we have something to catch on, but in other regions and with other operators, the situation may be quite different. As expected, the update will arrive first to phones from the flagship Galaxy S21 series. While a sharp release is planned at one end of the development, the other is working to make beta versions available for other phones – the Galaxy S20 series and some flexible models.

What feature of Android 12 are you looking forward to?

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