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What’s wrong with the Apple HomePod?

Apple would have stopped making the HomePod. What’s going on with the smart speaker from the American tech company.

Apple is also targeting the smart speaker market. For example, the company launched the HomePod and later the Mini variant. Whether the products are really a success? Only Apple will have the answer to that question. According to analysts that is not too bad.

Apple HomePod not a success

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who is more often right, says Apple has stopped producing the HomePod. The report states that Apple has failed to enter the smart speaker market. There were already a lot of other competitors. The HomePod wasn’t special enough to stick its head above the crowded field.

To prevent an incredibly large stock from building up, production has been temporarily stopped, says Kuo. It just goes to show that not every attempt by Apple to release a new product turns to gold. In that respect, it is interesting to follow the developments regarding the new AirPods headphones. Is that very expensive thing going to be a success? (via Macrumors)

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