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What are the most popular apps on the App Store in 2020?

Like every year, Apple unveiled the list of the most popular applications from its App Store. On the podium, you’ll find several names that hit the headlines in 2020.

The ranking put forward by the Cupertino company concerns both software on iPhone, iPad, mac and also Apple TV. Of course, with this special year 2020, software such as Zoom or TousAntiCovid have been put forward. In the field of free applications which have met with great success, it is TikTok which wins the palm on iPhone followed by WhatsApp and Instagram. Zoom is doing well on the App Store for its iPads.

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App Store 2020: TikTok, Zoom and Plague big winners of containment

During this particular year, the social network TikTok was at the heart of the controversy, particularly vis-à-vis the United States. President Donald Trump wanted to impose an embargo on the software or to force a takeover by an American company. TikTok has been very successful around the world. In the category of free applications on iPhone, Apple has dedicated Wakeout! Software dedicated to indoor exercise. For iPads, the App Store highlights Zoom which facilitated meetings and videoconferences during confinement.

On Apple TV, the Disney + streaming site has been honored, notably rewarding its successful arrival on the market. You will have understood it, a lot of software which helped to pass the confinement is honored on this list. Indeed in the field of games to download on the App Store, it is the Genshin Impact phenomenon that was celebrated. Surprisingly, the Fortnite battle royale game is not mentioned. On the paid side, it is the Plague Inc. game that wins. Containment seems to have given ideas to many users.

Source: Apple Newsroom

What are the most popular apps on the App Store in 2020?

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