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The film adaptation of Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo was first discussed in 2016. The feature film was originally scheduled to premiere a year later. However, filming did not begin until 2017. We had the opportunity to see the first trailer in 2018, with the film coming to cinemas next year. But in the end it didn’t happen. Now we have finally received a new trailer and with it also information that the premiere in China is set for the end of April.

The new trailer must be left to look like the Dynasty Warriors came to life on the silver screen. You can compare it with the previous trailer, if you are interested in how the filmmakers have progressed since then. However, we do not yet know when the film will reach us in the West. The film was shot in 2017 in China and New Zealand. According to Variety magazine, the premiere was postponed from last year due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Since we don’t do the Dynasty Warriors 9 series regularly, it’s definitely worth remembering the latest developments in this field. Dynasty Warriors 9 from the Omega Force studio was released in 2018 on an old console and PC. The new edition with the subtitle Empires is also aimed at the new ones and Switch. It was announced last September and will offer strategic expansion. The goal is to unite China through diplomacy or war.

The game was originally scheduled to be released earlier this year, but Koei Tecmo last week postponed for an unspecified date. The authors are said to be working hard on the title, but so far they cannot reveal when it will be released.

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