‘Google will announce the Pixel 5a on June 11’

Google appears to be announcing a new smartphone next quarter. According to the latest reports, the manufacturer would come with the new Pixel 5a in June.

Pixel 5a is coming

The Pixel 5 series is further expanded. The new family member will be named Pixel 5a. Earlier it became clear that Google is working on the Pixel 5a. In renders that appeared at the end of February, we saw a smartphone that is very similar to the Pixel 4a. According to information from Jon Prosser, Google’s new phone will be announced on June 11. Prosser often shares new information about smartphones.

In an earlier tweet, Prosser already shared the message that we can expect new Pixel Buds. The announcement would be scheduled for mid-April. We expect to hear all about Google’s new products in the coming months. Then the question is whether we can expect the device in the Netherlands. The Pixels are only sold in our country via gray import.

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