Warzone app abuses and leaves gamers in the cold

The app was designed to prevent cheaters, but is now used for other things within Call of Duty Warzone.

Have you come up with something beautiful as a developer, gamers will use it in the opposite way. You are done with that. It happened to Warzone Companion developer Dmitry Shmyko. This app is designed to spot cheaters in the lobby of a Warzone game based on suspicious statistics. Lots of kills and few deaths and things like that. Unfortunately for Shmyko, the app is now popular for very different things.

Warzone app

Instead of highlighting cheaters in Warzone, gamers use the application to find the best match for themselves. Because you can see the stats of other players, you can see in an instant how good your opponents are. Some use the app to only get into games where there are less good players. And with that, this group was put in the cold. To then slaughter them because the person with the app is good at Call of Duty Warzone.

Shmyko felt compelled to update his app. As a result, it is now the case that you cannot immediately view statistics from a gamer. Only after a warm-up of the match is it possible to view the statistics. This also makes it more difficult to detect cheaters, but it is the only way against the misuse of the Warzone app. (via Eurogamer)

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