Vodafone has simplified the activation of eSIM and is preparing a “twin” for the watch

Czech Vodafone is changing the ways in which its customers can obtain the digital version of a subscriber SIM card, the so-called e.g. From now on, no paperwork will be required for this operator, and those interested can perform this modern form of registration in the mobile network remotely. Activation QR code, which is needed to load and run eSIM on the new device, can be retrieved from self – service My Vodafone.

As part of this announcement, Vodafone also mentioned on Facebook the ongoing preparations for the so-called DvojSIM for smart watches. The secondary SIM profile, which can run on the phone with the same number at the same time, is currently only offered by T-Mobile on the Apple Watch. Vodafone is also preparing the same service and, moreover, let it be heard in the discussion that it is not only planning it for an apple watch, but also for models of other brands. For example, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

“We are one step closer to being able to support them in the future. We will inform you about the exact launch date, ”the operator told the eager smart watch owners. For now, eSIM cards do not support the DvojSIM service at all. Detailed information about new ways to activate eSIM has Vodafone on its website. If, on the other hand, you need to remove or relocate this form of profile from your device, take a look at our recent guide.

How many eSIMs have you already activated?

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