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Visit all Disney parks with a private jet for 100,000 euros

Crazy about Disney and would you like to see all the parks? That is possible with this bizarre holiday.

One is lying on a beach bed in Spain enjoying the sun for three weeks. The other makes a trip around the world to visit all Disney parks during that period. Wait, what? Yes, this is a real thing and exists as a bookable holiday.

Adventures by Disney organizes a crazy vacation for the fan with deep pockets. An organized trip with a total of 75 people takes you to all 12 Disney parks around the world in 24 days. From Paris to Orlando and from Cairo to Tokyo. And everything in between.

The Disney-laden trip will take you to other famous places in addition to all the parks. Think of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt or the Taj Mahal in India. You will travel the entire world in a period of three weeks.

A total of six countries will be visited. The entire tour group does not travel with scheduled flights, but with a private jet organized by Disney. Cost? Converted 100,000 euros. The holiday includes food (68 meals in total), sleeping and access to all parks. It is possible to book from 20 June.

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