Using a smartphone on a bicycle? The police really fine you!

If you think the police barely fined this, then you are wrong. Working with your smartphone on the bike is definitely not without risk.

100 euro. That’s the fine if a cop catches you holding a smartphone on your bike. Whether you’re looking for a new song on Spotify to play, or you’re texting with a friend. It is not allowed and the police actually hand out fines.

Maybe you thought the police aren’t so strict about the new law. And you may indeed have jumped the ball a few times when you saw a cop who did not intervene when you were on your bike with your smartphone. But that is not the case everywhere. The police hand out an average of 850 fines every week to cyclists who use their telephones while cycling. According to the Central Judicial Collection Agency to

And $100 is a painful hole in your wallet for something you might see as something innocuous. However, overlooking a motorist and hitting it can just happen to you. So keep that smartphone in your pocket, or stop cycling for a while. Fortunately, operating smart earplugs is not prohibited. You can still pause, go to the next song or turn the volume up or down!

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