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Users have been waiting for this for a long time

With the new silent mode, Instagram now offers the option to temporarily switch off push notifications. Instagram recommends that teenagers in particular activate Quiet Mode later in the day to avoid being distracted.

Quiet mode: Instagram offers new Quiet Mode

Instagram now offers the right solution for those who are getting overwhelmed by notifications from apps. With the Quiet Mode you can Push notifications temporarily disabled will. In this case, the app no ​​longer reports accordingly. If a personal message is received when Quiet Mode is activated, the sender will receive an out-of-office message.

The silent mode can be activated in the settings of the Instagram app. He is first only in English Available in the US, Canada, Australia and other countries. Other languages ​​and regions will follow shortly. If Quiet Mode is activated, it is also displayed in the activity status (source: Meta).

Similar to Facebook’s Quiet Mode, users can set specific timesto which the function is automatically activated.

According to the announcement, the new function is aimed primarily at teenagers. These are supposed to be the sleep mode activate in the late eveningto be less distracted and sleep better. The Quiet Mode at a late hour is to be recommended to young people “after a while” of using Instagram directly in the app.

Buying followers on Instagram is not a good idea:

Instagram: Quiet mode after whistleblower criticism

The introduction of Quiet Mode comes at a time when Instagram is increasingly coming under fire. In 2021, internal documents held by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed that Instagram was aware of negative effects on teen mental health, but initially did nothing about it. Since then, the Facebook company has made a number of changes aimed at keeping younger users safe.

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