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“Suddenly I heard a strange moaning coming from the room”

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Every month a mother talks about the moment in motherhood when things went completely wrong.

Manon (36), married to Roger (48), mother of Jari (11), Dani (8) and Xavi (3):

“On a Saturday morning we put our two-year-old son Jari in front of the TV with Bumba. That way Roger and I could take a shower and get dressed in peace. We both really love music and had the radio on loud above. As a result, I only heard when I went down the stairs that there was music playing downstairs. Some nice club beat. Jari probably had continued to zap himself. I didn’t look for anything, that happened quite often. He loved to dance.

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Wild party

I went to make breakfast in the kitchen, but as I did, I heard a strange moan. It seemed to come right through the sound of the music. When I took a look in the living room, Jari was swinging in front of the television. Only the TV was not on MTV as I thought, but on a hard porn channel… I saw scenes of a wild party in a dance club with lots of people having sex. Images of both the deed and all kinds of body parts were really up close.

I blushed and quickly turned the TV back to Bumba. Then I immediately locked that channel. I hadn’t done that before, because we just got a new provider. The first month was free, including all expansion packs. That included porn. Only then did it become a pay channel and you got an automatic lock, but we didn’t know that at the time.

“Fortunately, he hadn’t noticed the naked people and their strange, acrobatic skills”

I was embarrassed, but afterwards I laughed. I don’t know how long Jari watched, it must have been ten minutes. He got nothing out of it or got anything from it. All he said was, “What a nice song, Mama!” Fortunately, he hadn’t noticed the naked people and their strange acrobatic skills.”

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