TSMC Says iPhone 12 Set a New Level of Demand Like Never Before

Foxconn is one of the official manufacturers of Apple iPhones and the company has been vocal about the striking increase in demand for the iPhone 12. The company confirmed this week that they have witnessed record revenues and adding strength to the statement is a new one made by TSMC.

Apple’s priority chips are being manufactured by TSMC and while it is surprising to see such a surge in sales during a pandemic, it seems to be true. The manufacturer has confirmed that they have created a new record with their share price because of the massive sales witnessed with the new iPhone 12. Compared to the other models in the series, the company didn’t make any massive leap in terms of design or performance but more of a yearly refresh with some tweaks.

One of the striking differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 is the change in design by removing the curved edges. By making them sharper again, the news phones are far easier to grip in one hand and don’t feel bulky. In terms of camera and a new chipset, all the bells and whistles usually associated with a new Apple iPhone has been spotted. However, that doesn’t stand claim as to how sales became so high in such a crucial year for the entire smartphone industry.

Giant Leap in Sales and Stock Prices

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co confirmed that they have seen a strong demand for the 5G iPhones released in 2020. The total sales is somewhere around $ 4.2 billion and overall revenue generated in the entire year goes up to NT $ 361.5 billion making it a massive leap compared to the sale made in the past few years. Besides, it has also contributed to the chip manufacturer’s stock sales rising higher than expected and touched a record high towards the end of the week.

The Apple mania in the United States continues to be high as ever as 7 out of 10 smartphones spotted is an iPhone of some spot. Be it the cheaper iPhone SE or the iPhone 12, they have somehow managed to capture the audience in the country like no other. The surprise element is Apple’s growth in other countries. The most popular phone of the year in the US is the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the second spot is occupied by iPhone 12. A similar boost can be witnessed in the MacBook Pro and Air lineup because Apple moved to their own chipset away from Intel last year.

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