Try new sounds for Android 12 (Pixel Sounds)

Pixel phones from Google commonly include the Sounds application in their system, which offers a large number of different ringtones, alarms or notification tones. Version 2.3 was recently released, which includes some new sounds for android 12. Even some phones of other brands have unofficial access to the application, however, it is not for everyone. But thanks to the Android Police editorial office, which extracted them from the Pixel mobile phone, you can get them download directly as audio files. And use them freely on your mobile phone or even on your computer.

Sounds from Sounds 2.3

These are about 270 files divided into several categories. These include an alarm and notification sound for the new Android 12. Updated Sounds application brings a new ringtone for this system, but it has not yet been extracted. When this happens, the file will be added to the package. If your system allows it, then just choose the sounds and assign to individual actions via Settings. If that doesn’t work, try moving them to the Notifications folder in the repository. Alternatively, you can try to download and install the entire Google Sounds application from APK Mirror.

How often do you reset your mobile sounds?

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