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TOP Android applications and games of the week

In the selection TOP Android applications of the week we are trying to bring you closer to new applications and games that are up to Play Store received only recently and worth a try. These are interesting domestic and foreign titles that have fascinated us with their design, functions and overall impression. They only got to Google Play a few days ago, and most of them have almost no user ratings.

TOP Android applications and games of the 48th week

Merge Planets Space

This game connects two equally colored planets. These connected twins change into another planet, which is better and has a different color. Over time, you will create one enhanced planet, which you will upgrade further. You will come to the principle of the game after a few moments of playing and the developer of the news states that it is a very addictive fun.

Word Clock Widget Free – Simple Clock Widget free

Are you looking for a nice, elegant and most importantly simple, minimalist widget for the home screen of your mobile phone? You can use Word Clock Widget Free – Simple Clock Widget free. It allows you to write any word or the whole sentence, to create your unique widget on your smartphone. Of course, you can choose from several styles.

Number to word converter offline

This tool is used to transcribe numbers into words. Yes, everything is as simple as it sounds. You simply enter numbers in the top line of the application, which will then be converted to a word by the program. Some individuals may find practical sense, but it’s hard to say what exactly it may be useful for.

Shooting Color

Today’s list of TOP applications and games continues with another fun, which looks very simple, but more advanced levels can bother even the most experienced players of logic games. You have a dice field. Cannons with appropriately marked colors are arranged on their sides. The preview in the upper left corner shows how the individual objects should be colored.

So you have to worry about solving the puzzle. It is important to think about what color from which cannon to launch, so that the cubes are painted as required. The very principle of playing is not complicated at all and you need to try Shooting Color yourself. A detailed description is unnecessary, as you will most likely understand it right after the first round.

Word Puzzle Game

We probably don’t even have to introduce you to a game of a similar nature. In fact, the same app as the old famous Picnic word just got into the Play Store. We recommend that you install it if you have already gone through the mentioned Picnic word yourself and you can practically recognize the used words from your head. In this case, you will only guess in English, but even better. A rich foreign language vocabulary can always come together.

TOP Android applications and games of the 47th week

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TOP Android Apps and Games of the Week Week 47 2020

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