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Liquid lens with ultra fast focusing?

When we last dealt with the topic of liquid lenses in May this year, it was being decided whether it would be the Chinese Huawei or the Korean Samsung, who will be the first to incorporate this technology into a mobile phone. At that moment, not only speculation, but also a few weeks old patent confirming this intention leaned towards Huawei. We are a few months away, the Mate 40 series is already on the market and still nothing. As expected, they appeared rumors that the liquid lens will be in Huawei P50 models.

The new flag series should appear sometime in the first half of next year. Given the still chaotic situation around coronavirus, it is not entirely clear on what date the Chinese company is preparing the performance. However, this spring’s patent is attributed by some experts to the preparation of the upcoming flagship Huawei mobile line. Already with the Mate 40 series, the Chinese brand came up with an interesting solution that, for example, eliminates curvature in ultra-wide photos. However, it was not about the discussed technology. A liquid lens that has, among other things the ability to change shape in milliseconds and ensure perfect focus, could come with the Huawei P50 series. We’ll see. In a few months we can see a revolution in mobile photography.

How satisfied are you with focusing the camera on your mobile?

Source: hcentral

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