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This mistake will cost you a lot of money

This mistake will cost you a lot of money

Germany is notorious for its bureaucratic horror apparatus. Much of what should actually be simple seems to be unnecessarily complicated as a result. An e-car driver in Munich has now had the dubious pleasure of German thoroughness. Your tour in the environmental zone should cost you over 100 euros.

128.50 euros: Munich woman pays dearly for an electric car tour in the environmental zone

The Munich woman was information from the TZ according to her BMW i3 traveling within the environmental zone in the Bavarian capital. Only the little Stromer had no environmental sticker. It doesn’t work without them. What all motorists have known about petrol and diesel for years also applies to e-cars.

In the meantime, the fine notice has fluttered into the house of the woman from Munich – and it’s quite a challenge: 100 euros are incurred for the violation of the rules, on top of that there are 28.50 euros in fees. 128.50 is the total bill, just because the little green sticker on the windshield was missing.

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

Incomprehensible for the woman from Munich, after all she was driving an emission-free electric car, even with an E license plate. But that’s not enough, as the police responsible explained when asked by the Münchner Zeitung: “Entering an environmental zone with an electric vehicle with an E license plate without the required sticker is generally prohibited always punished”.

Hybrids put e-cars under general suspicion

The Munich police administration office formulates the reason: E-license plates could not “replace the fine dust sticker, since also hybrid vehicleswhich, in addition to an electric drive, also have a combustion engine, can be provided with an e-mark, but in the low-emission zone powered by petrol or diesel can become.”

BMW has come a long way since the first electric car i3:

BMW shows the color change on the iX Flow

This also applies to the i3 from BMW. The electric car, which is no longer in production, was also offered with a so-called range extender. The nice English name avoids the simple truth: If you were worried about not getting far enough with the i3, you could opt for a Version with petrol engine and small tank for an additional charge.

For the BMW driver, however, it remains incomprehensible: She drives a purely electric car and feels that the penalty is far too high. According to the TZ, she has in the meantime gotten an environmental badge and wants it However, you can still appeal the fine.

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