This is what we already know about the new Apple laptop

Will there be a new MacBook Air in 2021? Opinions differ on that. However, there is much speculation about the possible new laptop. So it’s time for a first look at the next MacBook Air.

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First look at the MacBook Air 2021 (or 2022?)

In 2020, Apple ushered in a new chapter for the MacBook Air. The laptop made the switch from Intel to Apple Silicon, the processor technology that Apple will expand in the coming years. The much-discussed successor will build on this foundation. Are you reading along?

1. Redesign

The MacBook Air has looked about the same for years. The first model came out in 2008 and the iconic laptop was last given a new look in 2018. The version that appeared last year looks almost the same as its predecessors.

It is therefore high time for a new MacBook Air design. Rumor has it that Apple plans to draw inspiration for this from the iMac, which was updated last year. Apple’s iconic desktop has a ‘retro design’ with hard edges and comes in a variety of fresh, summery colors.

Talking about the design of the MacBook Air 2021, according to website Bloomberg the laptop will live up to its name even more. The new laptop would not only be thinner, but also lighter. Bloomberg also claims that the device has MagSafe. This allows you to connect all kinds of accessories wirelessly, just like on the iPhone 12 phones.

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2. Fresh Colors for MacBook Air

So we expect a colorful laptop with white borders around the screen and a white keyboard. The housing would then have less round shapes, but would mainly be ‘flat’.

MacBook Air 2021 renders

The iMac 2021 is available in seven finishes: blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and silver. It seems unlikely that the 2021 MacBook Air will come in as many colors: Apple usually opts for two to three versions.

According to Jon Prosser, who usually has his facts in order, you will soon be able to purchase the Air laptop in blue.

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3. Hardware: What chip will the new Air get?

The current MacBook Air is commonly referred to as MacBook Air M1. The first generation of Apple’s homemade computer chip is not only more powerful than Intel’s competition, but also more energy-efficient, for example.

It is clear that Apple will take the next step with the new MacBook Air, but that does not apply to the specifications. Some sources, such as Prosser, claim that the laptop will have an M2 chip. This direct successor to the M1 variant should be much more powerful, but substantive details are vague.

Apple M2

Other resources, such as the usually well-informed Twitter user Dylandkt, think the new MacBook Air has an M1X chip. This modified version of the current M1 chip would be a bit more stable, but not add any earth-shattering improvements.

Speaking of which, it is still a question mark whether a MacBook Air will be released in 2021. Business website Bloomberg for example, claims it does, while others claim the next MacBook Air won’t come until 2022.

4. Software

Should the next Air appear this year, September seems like a logical announcement moment. Reportedly, the annual Apple keynote will take place, where the company will present the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7, among other things.

From then on, the new software versions will also roll out. If the MacBook Air is announced in 2021, it will come off the band with macOS 12 (Monterey). The new Mac software was announced last June and will be available this fall for all (supported) Macs.

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