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this is how you turn the dark mode on and off

The Google app also has a dark mode, or a dark mode. With the dark mode enabled, the app looks a lot nicer than the light theme, especially at night. We explain in this tip how to switch themes.

Activate dark mode of Google app

For a long time, the well-known search app was one of the few Google apps that did not yet offer a dark mode. In recent years, YouTube, Calendar, Gmail and Chrome have already preceded the search app. A dark app theme is calmer for your eyes at night and saves some power on devices with an (am) OLED display.

As of Android 10, the operating system has a dark mode that automatically switches apps between a light and dark theme, but of course only if the app has a dark mode. The Google search app is now also suitable for this.

This is how you activate the dark theme;

  • Open the Google app;
  • Click on ‘More’ at the bottom right;
  • Click on ‘Settings’;
  • Press ‘General’;
  • Swipe down and click on ‘Theme’;
  • Choose one of the three options

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