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It is seven years since the founding of the Korean studio Shift Up, whose main character is Hyung-Tae Kim, illustrator and artistic director of games such as Blade & Soul and The War of Genesis. His first own creations were aimed at mobile phones, and the very first game Destiny Child became the most profitable application in Korea in 2016. Fortunately, Kim has even greater ambitions, which he showed the world last April in the form of Project EVE. At that time, it was aimed at computers and consoles of the last generation today.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the game as such. Unreal Engine 4 owes a breathtaking visual side that depicts the Earth after the invasion of unknown invaders called NA-tives. You become the title Eve, a pretty girl with a semi-robotic body whose mission is to get the Earth back. Although we can tell from the intruder designations that it never really belonged to us.

While last year’s trailer was primarily a demonstration of Shift Up’s graphics capabilities, the new video already shows Project EVE on the run and gives a taste of a combat system in the fight against a bizarre boss that has an organic chainsaw instead of a head.

An emphasis on dodging and blocking can be observed, with the perfect execution of both actions preventing any loss of health. Eve can teleport to the back of enemies and, in addition to basic attacks, he also starts chained combos. Finally, there is an animation of an effect finisher.

Eve has been making the company a levitating robot all the time, but it doesn’t put its hand to the work at all, nor does it make a single remark. Maybe it’s caused by the early stages of the game’s development, or its purpose is quite different from being a fighting and clever partner.

We will wait for the answers, because Project EVE does not currently have an indicated release date and does not specify supported platforms. Therefore, we do not know if only the computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which were mentioned in last year’s announcement, are still considered. The game would certainly deserve to be released on the new generation, and the question is whether the old consoles would not hamper its graphic advantages.

In any case, let’s hope that one day there will really be something, because the first demonstrations can excite.

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