this is how you start with a clean slate in 3 steps

Will you say goodbye to Apple, or will you start with a clean slate? It is possible to delete your Apple ID, and here’s how.

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Remove Apple ID: this is how you do it

As an Apple user, you cannot do without an Apple ID. You use the account, among other things, to store files via iCloud and to download apps from the App Store. Now, you may have been using an iPhone for years and are no longer happy with your Apple ID name, switch to another brand, or simply want to start with a clean slate.

In that case it is possible to remove or deactivate your Apple ID. In the past you always had to contact Apple itself to delete your account, but nowadays you can arrange this yourself.

  1. Go to the Apple ID login page and enter your details;
  2. Select ‘Delete your account’ at the bottom;
  3. Confirm your choice and state a reason for removal if necessary;
  4. Write down the access code or print the page: you might change your mind.

Apple has received your request and will permanently delete the account after seven days. You will receive an access code with which you can identify yourself at Apple later. So it’s a good idea to write them down or print them out, in case you change your mind. During this week you can still contact customer service to reverse the choice with your access code.

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This is what happens when you delete your Apple ID

When you delete your Apple ID, all your data will be permanently erased. It is therefore wise to receive a copy of your data in advance. You can request this by selecting the top option in the same menu as where you delete your account: ‘Receive a copy of your data’.

If you think deletion is too drastic, you can also deactivate the account. Your Apple ID is temporarily suspended – so Apple doesn’t collect any data and you can’t use the account anymore – after which you reactivate the profile yourself.

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