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In the past year, we have repeatedly returned to the issue of video games on the Vortex from the perspective of blind players. In the past, however, we have also addressed other disabilities and barriers they may pose in the digital worlds. In cooperation with the non-profit organization Tichý svět, we therefore decided to focus on another similar area, namely playing from the perspective of the deaf.

The result is a special questionnaire aimed directly at the deaf community. Its purpose is to find out how people with this handicap play, what helps them in the games, what they lack or what limits them the most. But we were also interested in whether deaf players use any compensatory aids, what problems the handicap brings, whether they could not play a game at all, or what title was well accessible in this direction.

We will consult the developers with the results of the survey

The goal is simply to explore the current situation of accessibility of video games for players with hearing impairments. The questionnaire is intended for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf video game players or players with any hearing impairment and is available in Czech and in Czech sign language.

If we manage to collect enough relevant data and information, we plan to share the results of the survey with domestic developers. Because this community of players has specific needs and the authors would be able to better understand how to meet their needs and adjust their titles accordingly. The answers in the questionnaire can thus help to improve the gaming experience of deaf players in the future.

The non-profit organization Tichý svět provides social services to people with hearing impairments.

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