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This is how smart investing works [Anzeige]

This is how smart investing works [Anzeige]

Everyone’s dream: invest money and let it work for you. And as hard as possible so that the next vacation, the new car or the modernization of the kitchen is no longer a problem. However, how is that supposed to work? We’ll give you that Smavesto robo advisor before.

Countless investment products with cryptic names and even more incomprehensible benefits seem to block the way to financial freedom. It can and should be that simple. After all, there are practically no limits to the technical revolution.

Cars are built by robots. The smart home knows when to turn on our coffee machine. And artificial intelligence begins to write texts and draw pictures. Why shouldn’t there also be corresponding solutions when it comes to money?

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Algorithms make our life easier

The problem was and is trust. Artificial intelligence is so new that many are wondering if it is really reliable. Or that’s what most people asked themselves, and then came ChatGPT. An artificial intelligence capable of interacting, answering questions and being amazingly accurate. It’s going so far that entire marketing departments are rethinking whether they might not have less to do in the future.

And that is exactly the keyword: we all want to have less to do. We want work done for us that is tedious and complicated. Many financial experts have therefore been working with IT specialists for some time to solve this problem in the investment environment. Because algorithms are everywhere. They evaluate our purchasing behavior, know what we are interested in and make suggestions on how our lives can be improved.

The investment AI from Smavesto

The financial experts at Smavesto have taken a bold step. As early as 2016, a few visionaries had the idea of ​​one automated investment platform. She should be able to understand the market and make the right investment decisions for her clients. After a pilot project in a small circle and a test phase with 70 participants, the message finally came: keep going!

In 2019 Smavesto goes online, an app is developed and the cornerstone of a digital success story is laid. Reached in summer 2022 Smavesto finally the limits of 100 million euros in fixed assets. Conclusion: It works. But how exactly?

  • Step 1: Simply download the app and select a starting amount (1,000 euros) or a savings plan (min. 50 euros per month).
  • Step 2: Register with the “Become a customer” route and legitimize via video chat. This usually takes 15 minutes and can easily be done from the couch.
  • Step 3: Define risk tolerance. From speculative to risk-conscious and profit-oriented to conservative, there is something for all investors. The categories differ primarily in the so-called drawdown, i.e. the value that measures the expected return in relation to the risk of price losses.

Your depot autopilot

And then the work for the algorithm begins. He observes and optimizes the depot and keeps an eye on all price movements and all markets. He looks for suitable ETFs and ETCs and registers major movements such as the corona pandemic or the Ukraine war and reacts to them.

The task of the Smavesto AI is to recognize these risks in good time and to get out of the falling prices as early as possible. At the same time, the algorithm looks for the best possible time to re-enter the recovering markets. As a result of this behavior, Smavesto has repeatedly been recognized as a performance winner in comparative tests in the Handelsblatt or n-tv in recent years.

Customers are still able to flexibly adjust or cancel their depot at any time. Of course, all deposits are protected by the statutory deposit insurance. In addition, every decision made by the Smavesto algorithm is checked again by Smavesto’s financial experts.

Smavesto is practically the auto-pilot for investing and is inexpensive at the same time. At just one percent annually, the fees are manageable. You can easily test the investment AI from 50 euros per month. So nothing can stand in the way of automated success on the stock exchange. You are currently securing one for yourself Bonus of 50 eurosif you open your securities account by April 30th, 2023!

Secure a 50 euro bonus at Smavesto now

Note: An investment in this system is associated with risks. More information at

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