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“Mom, I feel like a girl”

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Whether they can predict the gender of their future child or an upcoming accident. It may raise eyebrows, but these women know the power of maternal intuition.

Mirjam (37) lives with Enzo (38) and is the mother of Lina (11) and Emma (8).

“I was sure I was pregnant with a girl. When even the third ultrasound clearly showed a boy according to the midwife – ‘Look, a penis!’ – I still didn’t want to believe it.

I gave birth to an apparently healthy boy. But as he grew older, he became more and more self-absorbed. After school he always wanted to dress up in princess dresses, he had always painted his nails. Enzo threw it at child’s play, I took it more seriously.


My child was eight when the high word came out: ‘I feel like a girl.’ Lina, that’s what she wanted to be called, a name that oddly enough was once on my list. When Enzo and I accepted that, I saw my child become happier every day. Lina is now eleven and has recently joined the gender clinic. At school she is no longer ‘that boy in girl’s clothes’, but she is fully accepted as a girl. She has a long and difficult journey ahead of her, but I feel that she will also be fine.”

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The white pants

Michaëla (36) is the solo mother of Minne (12).

“Minne had to wear her white trousers that morning. ‘Don’t do it, grab something practical. Your black sweatpants are fine,” I grumbled. No idea why, because the sun was shining and it was really white pants weather. Minne kept refusing – and rightly so, you might say. In her white pants I grumpily delivered her to the schoolyard.

A few hours later my phone rang. “Mom, are you coming to get me?” my daughter beeped on the other end of the line. ‘I got my period for the first time.’”

77% of mothers in the Netherlands have to deal with mom shaming, according to research by Kek Mama. The editors found this so shocking that they started a campaign: Kek Mama launches mombracing, the counterpart of momshaming, and calls on all mothers to support each other instead of criticizing from now on.

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