this is all about to change

T-Mobile customers will be affected by the transition to a new voicemail system. Stored voicemail messages, among other things, are deleted. But more is about to change.

T-Mobile with different voicemail system

Telecom provider T-Mobile has announced that it will change its voicemail system. Customers who will be notified of the change from now on will be affected. From this month, March 2021, the voicemail system will be renewed, which will affect customers. These consequences do not apply to users of the T-Mobile Essential app, Mitel Telepo, Business Hosted Voice or Mobile Connect.

T-Mobile informs you that 21 days after you have been transferred to the new voicemail system, saved voicemail messages will be permanently deleted. It is not possible to save it again. As an alternative, T-Mobile indicates that in that case it is best to play your voicemail messages on speaker, and record with another device.


In the new voicemail system, it will also be necessary for a password to meet stricter requirements. It is necessary to reset the password for this. T-Mobile says the following about this;

  • Call 1233 or with a landline on 06-24001233
  • Select option 9: Mailbox settings
  • Select option 2: Password
  • Enter your new password and finish with #

Password criteria:

  • Minimum 4 to 8 digits (we recommend to use a minimum of 5 digits).
  • No more than 2 identical numbers in a row (e.g. no 22281).
  • May not contain (parts of a) consecutive series (for example, no 12368 or 876543).

Finally, T-Mobile says that it is not possible to adjust settings at 1233 in the week of the transfer. Customers will be informed by SMS when they are converted to the new voicemail system.

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