These 5 gadgets turn your car into a mobile home office

Many of us can’t or don’t want to go to the office at the moment. With homeschooling and home office of your life partner, you have no peace at home. GIGA shows you how you can transform your car into a mobile office with just a few resources.

Many people feel that their own car is a home on wheels. A private retreat where you can listen to your favorite music undisturbed while you drive to work. Corona means that more and more people are no longer commuting to work. There is a home office with children’s noise and other distractions. Various manufacturers have recognized the problem and offer accessories for mini-offices in the car.

Car Office: These accessories turn your car into an office

Steering wheel desk: Ohmotor multifunction table

With this multifunctional table from Ohmotor you will quickly have that office feeling in your car. It can be easily installed on the steering wheel and offers enough space for a laptop and mouse. During the lunch break, it can be quickly converted into a lunch menu.

Internet in the car: set up your own hotspot with Car Connect

A good internet connection is essential for mobile work in the car office. Sure, you can simply connect to the Internet using the hotspot function of the iPhone or Android phone. But it is more convenient with a CarConnect adapter from Telekom. This is installed in the car via the OBD interface. For 9.95 a month you can then surf the Deutsche Telekom network with up to 5 devices at the same time. Danger: According to Stiftung Warentest, the Telekom CarConnect adapter only works for combustion vehicles built from 2006 onwards.

The filing cabinet for the passenger seat: Bott brings order to the car office

Your mobile office will be perfect with the Bott CarOffice. The passenger seat becomes a filing cabinet in no time at all. The support surface offers enough space for writing and several pockets serve as storage space for office supplies.

Mobile charging of laptops and smartphones: Power banks with lots of volume

So that you don’t run out of power in the car, it is best to need several power banks. For the laptop you should choose a power bank with a capacity of at least 20,000 mAh – but there are also models with 50,000 mAhhttps: // / B08D3YNJY3 /. You can find many good buying tips in our power bank purchase advisor.

Against office muff: mini humidifier

So that there is no smell in the car, you can put a battery-operated mini humidifier on the shelf. Thanks to a built-in aroma diffuser, it always smells fresh in the car office.

The office in the car: Outlook on the future of mobile office

As we’ve seen, any conventional car can be quickly turned into a mini-office. In the future, however, many vehicle manufacturers will not only see cars as an emergency solution. With autonomous driving and better networking, the car could soon serve as a full-fledged office replacement. Mercedes shows in a video what that could look like.

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