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These are the best glitter outfits for New Year’s Eve

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This midi dress is bursting with cozy sequins, has batwing sleeves and a nice wrap over and tie band at the waist (so you can do it as tight as you like). The button fastening at the neck and the zipper at the back make putting on and taking off a breeze. Order it here

Or bring the warmth into your home with this yellow glittery dress. From a plunging neckline and kimono sleeves to a draped front: this dress is just that little bit different from the rest. Order it here

Are you more of the pack? Then this glitter suit is perfect. And the great thing: after New Year’s Eve you can always wear the items separately, if you find it too much combined at work or while shopping. Order it here

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No (fireworks) stars in the sky this year, just stars on your dress. Order it here

Whether you wear cool leather pants, pleated skirt or skinny jeans underneath: it all fits. The straps of the undershirt are also very easy to adjust. Order it here

You can of course pull off your best pumps, but let’s be honest: how well does that actually work? These glitter slippers from UGG are much more comfortable and also fit the theme. Order them here

This dress deserves to be seen, but hey, do you just often look in the mirror during your own party? Order it here

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