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These are the best chess games for kids

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Who can be the first to place a checkmate on the opponent’s king? This board is made of tarpaulin so you can easily fold it and store it. And does your child spill a drink on it? Then you wipe it away with a cloth. Dimensions board: 50 x 60 cm. Order it here

From chess to People Don’t Annoy: with the 4-in-1 magnetic board game you always have something fun to play. And very nice: because all games are magnetic, you no longer suffer from sliding dolls and pawns. By the way, take your time, because loss is guaranteed to be revenge. Order it here

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This wooden chess game is similar to the classic version, but with less heavy pawns. In addition, it is also nice and compact due to its size (28 x 28 x 2.5 cm). Order it here

Prefer a large chessboard? This play mat is almost a meter wide, so you can also play on the ground (outside). Nice to take with you during your daily tour in the park, for example. And for the changes you don’t play with pawns, but with handy ‘coins’. Order it here

Or go big, bigger, biggest with these incredible 64 centimeters high pawns. You can order a mat with it, but how nice is it to chalk the board to the floor together with your child? Good to know: you do need muscles, because they weigh a kilo each. Order them here

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