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These are the 115 new emoji for WhatsApp for November 2020

WhatsApp is rolling out 115 new emoji. This way you can now also send various new animals, food and other figures. For the time being, the emoticons can only be used if you are a beta tester.

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115 new emoji WhatsApp

Are you a beta tester of WhatsApp and have you provided the app with the latest update? Then you have surely seen several new emoji that you can send now. Version of the well-known chat app contains 115 of these new pictures.

This concerns the previously announced Unicode Emoji 13.0 figures. For example, you can now send a fly, earthworm or mammoth. You can also use a ninja emoji, just like the emoji with a smile and a tear. Other emoticons include various organs and foods such as olives, peppers or a teapot.

All in all, there is again enough to discover and use. Various new emoji can also be used in combination with multiple skin colors. This way you can always choose the perfect emoji and use it in a conversation.

Now only for WhatsApp testers

As mentioned, only testers of the beta version can send and see the new images. If you send an emoticon to someone who is not a WhatsApp tester, they will see a small error message icon. It is still unknown when the new figures can be used by everyone. If possible, you will of course read that immediately Android Planet.

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