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These are the 10 best power banks

Anyone who owns a smartphone and travels a lot often sees an empty battery. With a power bank, however, you can charge your laptop, smartphone, etc. from anywhere. In our ranking, we therefore show you the ten best power banks.

As a portable charger, a good power bank can help charge mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc. charge on the go. However, with the large number of power banks on the market, the question arises as to which models are among the best power banks.

These are the 10 best power banks

The Stiftung Warentest has therefore compared different power banks in terms of their function, charging speed, stability, safety and handling. In the following ranking we present the results and thus the ten best power banks.

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10th place: Intenso PD10000

The stability of Intenso PD10000 only scored “sufficient” in the test. Nevertheless, the criteria of function, safety and handling are so convincing that this power bank 72 percent and received the rating 2.7.

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