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There will be a ban on dangerous toys from abroad

Consumers should be better protected when it comes to unsafe toys, says Micky Adriaansens, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. She therefore announces strict rules.

Many Dutch people still buy cheap products in Asian webshops. According to the Consumers’ Association, most of these items are dangerous or unhealthy, such as toys that break off dangerous pieces. Because Minister Adriaansens wants to better protect consumers, she is announcing new legislation. These apply from 13 December in the Netherlands and the rest of the European Union.

New rules

In concrete terms, this means that for each product there must be a manufacturer or person established in the European Union who is responsible for the safety of the product. Isn’t that the case? Then the sale in the Netherlands, but also in the other countries that are members of the EU, may not take place. If a product is considered unsafe by the regulator, all online and physical shops in the European Union must remove the same items from their store.

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Help better

In addition, the minister wants consumers to be able to contact a shop more easily if there is something wrong with a product. Also, the selling party should help a buyer better if there is a problem with their purchase.

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