The Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G gets a lot of power and OLED displays

Xiaomi phones with the suffix T are always characterized by the fact that they offer flag specifications (and mostly also design) with only small concessions, for example in the field of cameras, with the fact that their price is always very attractive. We could see it on the phones Xiaomi Mi 9T i Xiaomi Mi 10T and now it looks like the Chinese giant will continue this trend and introduce the Xiaomi Mi 11T phone.

The Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G series gets the best

A phone number recently appeared in the FCC database 2107113SG, which is to receive the Snapdragon 888 chipset and is to come from the Xiaomi Mi 11T series. It can be assumed that it will be specifically the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro. The basic model should then offer either Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 860. In addition, there is also support for technology UWBwhich can be found in iPhones 12 or Galaxy S21.

In addition to these two versions, we may also see Xiaomi Mi 11T Lite, about which we do not know anything yet. It is almost certain that the phones will offer OLED displays with a high refresh rate, enough RAM (speaking of up to 12 GB) and also at least a 4,000mAh battery. Some leaks dare to claim that they will get the phones camera below the display, to which we are personally rather skeptical. Xiaomi will keep this technology for her flagships, and releasing it to the lower class wouldn’t make much sense from a marketing standpoint. Who would buy the expected Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, right?

How do you look forward to phones?


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