The new HTC VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit is heading for pre-sale

HTC VIVE Pro 2 Full kit, ie the whole set for a complete mediation of the virtual reality experience, will soon be officially available. Besides pre-sale will also start on the Czech market on September 23. The set is based on the recently introduced HTC Vive Pro 2 headset, which until now could only be purchased by fans who were already equipped with base stations and drivers. As part of pre-orders, fans will receive not only a headset, din motion VIVE controllers and two Steam VR 2.0 base stations, but also a gift voucher worth € 50 for further purchases.

According to the manufacturer, the first sets are to be sent on October 14, 2021 after the conclusion of pre-orders. Subsequently, the set will be available for regular sale on the website and at other retailers. And it for the price of 37,490 CZK. The biggest attractions of the new VR headset, for example, are high 5K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 120 ° viewing angle. A pair of fast 2.5K LCD displays with an RGB matrix and an innovative optical set integrating two lenses for each eye instead of one contribute to this.

Which VR sets have you already tried?

Source: TZ

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