The Nepanikař application has already saved over 100 lives. How does he help in an emergency?

The Nepanikař application is an interesting Czech project that successfully helps people with mental health problems. Unfortunately, the situation in the last year has put many people under great psychological pressure. Help is offered by the Nepanikař application, which has been helping people with mental health problems around the world for a long time. It contains tools that help to manage difficult conditions and contacts where to turn for further assistance. The story of the founder of this application is also inspiring.

The Nepanikař application is focused primarily on helping people with depression, anxiety,tendencies to self-harm, suicidal tendencies or eating disorder. The main idea of ​​the application is that everyone still has a mobile phone with them today, so help is always literally at their fingertips. The author herself went through severe mental states such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. Based on her experience, the idea arose to create an application that would be in Czech and could help people in need. For example, there are crisis telephone lines, but their capacity may not always be sufficient, and if a person in critical condition does not receive timely help, it can have fatal consequences. The mobile application can also help users who, for example, are ashamed to ask for the help of a live person on the phone.

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The main part of the Nepanikař application contains a selection of five types of situations in which it can help you. When the user chooses his specific situation, the application will also offer a simple menu with immediate solution options. There is a really wide range of functions to choose from, from text lines to relaxing music, short mini games to distract, tips on relaxation or ba meditation. I was personally very surprised by the amount of content that the application contains. All tips and methods in the application based on consultations and expert advice.

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