The most important leaks and rumors at a glance

Some of the most well-known gaming publishers will present their new projects at E3 – and the rumor mill is already in full swing. Here we give you an overview of the most exciting rumors about E3 2021.

As in the previous year, E3 2021 will take place in the form of several digital presentations. From June 12th to 15th, the biggest names in the gaming industry will be held the stage for teasers, trailers and announcements use. Even if the contents of the presentations are currently still secret, there are already some promising rumors floating around. We summarize the best assumptions and leaks for E3 2021 for you here.

In our overview article you will also find all the dates and the streams for E3 2021.

Xbox & Bethesda E3 Presentation: Halo News: Infinite, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls?

The E3 logo on the Xbox website undoubtedly promises Halo: Infinite news. The shooter will probably get special attention during the presentation. Starfield too, that Long-awaited sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, should play a role in this year’s E3. Whether other franchises such as Wolfenstein or The Elder Scrolls will also make an appearance cannot currently be foreseen.

E3 presentation from 2K: Borderlands and Marvel

Publisher 2K is said to present three games this year – at least that’s what one Reddit post says, who was approved by industry insider Jason Schreier. According to the post it will 2K present a new Marvel strategy game, in which you will control well-known superheroes in the style of the XCOM franchise.

In addition, Borderlands fans can look forward to a spin-off: That new game should be called Wonderlands and make Tiny Tina the protagonist – cultivated chaos is inevitable here.

The third project is supposed to be an independent new game: Mafia developer Hangar 13 is apparently working on one “Open World Sci Fi” game that was code named: Volt bears – and is described as a mix of Cthulhu and Saints Row.

In our photo gallery we show you twelve games that all gamers are waiting for in 2021:

E3 Presentation: Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider at Square Enix?

With the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider series, it seems obvious that Lara Croft will get a little attention at E3 2021. Whether Square Enix, however full new Tomb Raider game anteasers or rather focuses on smaller appearances of the character like recently in Fortnite remains to be seen.

also says a leakthat a spin-off for the Final Fantasy series is planned and could be unveiled. The game is supposed to be named Final Fantasy Origin wear and be comparable to the Nioh games or a Soulslike game. In addition, it should play in the same world as the original Final Fantasy for the NES or be based on it.

Nintendo Direct at E3: New Switch Console and Breath of the Wild 2

In the Nintendo scene, it has been rumored for months when a Pro console will finally appear on the Switch. According to rumors the official unveiling will now take place at E3. According to industry insiders, the console should come on the market this fall.

Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also hope for news about the sequel. Allegedly the continuation of the Switch hit already next year appear. In addition, Nintendo said personally in February that it news about the game this year to be seen.

Warner Bros. E3 presentation: DC and Harry Potter fans may be disappointed

In 2022, Warner Bros. has three games planned with Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights, which are already eagerly awaited. However, it doesn’t look like you will learn a lot about these games at E3 this year. Warner Bros. will most likely focus on the upcoming Back 4 Blood – at least that’s how it is whistled from the digital rooftops on Twitter.

Announcement from Valve: PC handheld, new to Steam, or the conquest of the console market

Industry giant Valve will return to the E3 stage as part of the PC Gaming Show after nine years. This surprising return raises expectations for the upcoming announcement. Three rumors are the hottest.

Most likely there will be an announcement related to the Steam game preview (formerly the Steam Game Festival). As part of this, new games will be celebrated that will soon appear on Steam. Is also about new game from Valve itself?

The second hot news relates to a Switch-like handheld, which is currently the name “SteamPal” carries and should make it possible PC games on the go to gamble.

Last scenario relates to Gabe Newell, who made a vague statement to bring Steam closer to the console market. Are Valve and Microsoft planning about one Cooperation between Steam and the Xbox Game Pass? The PC Gaming Show will provide the answers.

E3 presentation: no trace of Elden Ring and GTA 6?

The FromSoftware game Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto 6 are among those games that fans have been waiting for and for what feels like an eternity Announcements are longed for before every gaming fair become. At E3 2021 this is no different and yet unfortunately nothing indicates in advance that anything new about the games should be announced. Of course, surprises can never be completely ruled out at E3.

Whatever will be announced at E3: Of course, we will inform you here about the most important news and trailers from the games fair.

Check out the 2021 game highlights in our video:

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