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After two episodes, in which we focused on the most anticipated games of 2021 with the exact release date, it was finally time for impatiently looking titles, which should also be released this year, but we do not know exactly when. Moreover, of course, given the current situation in the world, we cannot rule out that they will not be affected by any delay. In any case, we have selected the games that will be most significant for you. At the same time, their order does not reflect the level of expectations or the expected date of issue.

Hogwarts Legacy

The new play from the wizarding world of the writer JK Rowling has been speculated for several years. The strongest clue was the leaked video from 2018, which we could not put in the exact context for a long time, but raised hopes that the game was actually being worked on. Confirmation did not come until last September, but it was even sweeter to look at the official trailer from the developers of Avalanche Software. Thanks to the huge popularity of Harry Potter, the game Hogwarts Legacy has started to be discussed everywhere, but it is important to add that in the upcoming novelty we will not come across an bespectacled wizard with a scar on his forehead. Hogwarts Legacy tells its own story, which the original author of the book saga did not work on, and takes us to the end of the 19th century. The player will take on the role of a student of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Hogwarts, which will be processed in the spirit of open world games. School land, including the Forbidden Forest or Piglets, will also be accessible, and according to indications, it is possible that we will leave Hogwarts at some point. Until then, however, it is necessary to study school, learn not only to cast spells, but also to prepare potions, or to recognize magical animals and to train in combat. The game also offers a system of morality, and it is likely that not everyone will naturally become a noble magician. If all goes according to plan, we should see the game later this year on a PC and both generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

More than 10 years after its original announcement, STALKER 2 may finally be released this year. The game is aimed at PCs and Xbox Series consoles, the main character is Skif and the title is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine technology. The authors promise a huge open world full of radiation, mutants and anomalies. The non-linear story will branch out and based on our decisions we will also reach different ends. We will go to well-known places and to completely new locations, and the developers promise to satisfy veterans of the series as well as complete newcomers. As in previous games, support for modifications created by the fans themselves should play an important role. The zone is to be constantly changing and, according to the authors, things in it will happen organically even without the player’s intervention.

Gotham Knights

As with the Hogwarts Legacy, the new game starring Batman in the context of the Rocksteady and Warner Bros. study Games have been talking for many years. In the end, the result did not please all fans of the Arkham series, but we still rank the Gotham Knights among the most interesting things that are planned for this year. Developers at WB Games Montreal are preparing a superhero game with Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, with Bruce Wayne in the first trailer only blinking at the very beginning. The Dark Knight has disappeared, perhaps after his death, and now the whole fate of Gotham lies on the listed heroes. They must unite, begin to cooperate, and fight crime with the same vigor with which their role model and teacher approached this endless toil. The game is designed as a story action adventure with an emphasis on cooperation, but it will not be required and the developers subsequently promised that Gotham Knights will be able to play solo. Nevertheless, the cooperation of two players – and we point out exclusively online – should bring various benefits and unlock new possibilities. We will also see the extent to which criminal syndicates and various groups operating in Gotham speak into the story. However, we definitely do not expect anything cheerful and lively.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is aimed exclusively at PlayStation 4 and 5. Developers from the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games will continue the story of Aloy, the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn. She embarks on a long journey west in an effort to discover the source of a mysterious disease that threatens the local world. On his way through uncharted territory plagued by the vagaries of extreme weather, Aloy encounters new tribes, enemies and dangerous machines. During the journey through it, we will taste a varied mixture of nature from arid deserts, through snowy mountains to tropical beaches and ruins of former cities. The map covering the post-apocalyptic territories of California, Utah and Nevada will be larger than in the previous game. But we will also explore the world from a new angle, because Aloy will learn to dive and we will repeatedly go under the surface with her. Not only does the game look great on the PS5, but thanks to the SSD, it can also be recorded in a flash.

Halo Infinite

One might argue that Halo Infinite from 343 industry developers is a symbol of disappointment for the new Xbox, but that attitude would not be very fair. Yes, the intended launch title for the Xbox Series X and S has been postponed to this fall, but the latest information from the developers shows that they are doing their best to repair the tarnished reputation from the first game demo. The centerpiece of the experience is another sophisticated campaign that will develop the well-known story and character of Master Chief. However, there will also be robust free-to-play multiplayer, which, according to the authors, should not be burdened by microtransactions, which give players an advantage. All bonus content should be cosmetic and competitive action will depend only on your abilities. After the failed presentation from last year, we also had the chance to see a handful of new images, which show a slight adjustment of the overall stylization, but while maintaining the color tones and elements typical of the series. Currently, people from 343 Industriess are working to further improve graphics, animations and shadows, all with the promise of 60 fps in high definition. So if Microsoft is to be redeemed, albeit belatedly, from a mild launch faux pas, it can be achieved through Halo Infinite.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Ukrainian studio Frogwares returns to the detective adventure series Sherlock Holmes, which made him famous. Chapter One will not be an episodic title, as it might seem to some at first glance, but a prequel to previous games. Young Sherlock solves his first big case in this thriller. Although something will be different this time. We will move from rainy London to a tropical Mediterranean island, Dr. Watson is missing, and Holmes may be even more moody than usual. In this open world, we will solve the mystery of our own mother’s death. The young arrogant Sherlock has yet to become famous, but his famous ability to deduce is already showing. You collect clues, evidence and clues and compile various theories and hypotheses from them. Even this time, however, you can be wrong and evaluate everything in the wrong way. In addition to the investigation, you will occasionally argue, you will change costumes that will allow you to sneak into forbidden places, and the company will make you a little different Jon. According to the developers, he is your best and only friend. But they themselves say that it is not entirely clear who it really is.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Inconspicuous, but eagerly awaited by fans. This is exactly how the action adventure The Lord of the Rings: Gollum from the developers from the Daedalic Entertainment studio could be described. The highly stylized title was announced last March and began to entice another expedition to Tolkien’s Middle-earth. But as the name suggests, there is probably no noble task ahead of us – we will take on the role of Glum, a miserable creature completely consumed by the ring of power. The story of the game will take place before the famous events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so that we can watch the gradual transformation of Sméagol into a highly divided being, which may have unknowingly influenced the fates of many heroes. Last year, IGN magazine compared the game to the Prince of Persia series, but with less emphasis on combat and more extensive storytelling. Moments of both Glum’s own schizophrenic wars are to be frequent, as are parkour sequences, stealth, or ambush attacks. The message of the game is to map the little-known events and offer fans another look at the whole of Middle-earth. The game should be ready for release later this year and next to the PC is heading to the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft’s Open world event Far Cry 6 was originally scheduled to be released on February 18, but was postponed. This time, the developers will take us to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, which is ruled hard by dictator Antón Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito. He and his son Diego are your main enemies. The main character is Dani Rojas, who tries to overthrow the tyrants and their regime. The idea of ​​a revolution in a tropical paradise is not entirely fictional, the authors were inspired by the island of Cuba. At the same time, they promise the largest open world we have ever visited as part of the Far Cry series, or an important urban development. Otherwise, however, we assume that, paradoxically, they will not strive for a large one revolution in the field of gameplay. However, the opportunity to hire various helpers should play an important role. After all, a coup could hardly be carried out by a single man.

We have successfully completed the third part of our series about the most anticipated games, and you may be wondering where the other titles are. Many of them will be included in the final part, but we did not include some after mature consideration because we do not really know much about them at the moment. These include games like Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild 2, Skull & Bones and others that have significant potential to come out this year. Don’t worry – we still have them in search, and if their authors swing to something specific, you will undoubtedly come across such news on our website, or in news summaries.

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