The legendary XCOM 2 is finally coming out on Android. We know the date

Fans of the globally popular turn-based strategy XCOM 2 and owners of Android phones or tablets in one can look forward to a moment they’ve been brushing their teeth for years. Feral Interactive announced the date a few hours ago release of this legend for the “droid” platform. And in the form of the entire collection, which contains not only the main title, but also a number of DLC or additional data discs.

XCOM 2 Collection – Coming to Android 13th July

Basic game XCOM 2: War of the Chosen will gradually complement the modes of Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift, Anarchy’s Children and Resistance Warrior Pack. To download and install the game, it is now possible to pre-register directly in the Play Store (panel below). The game will be released for the first applicant July 13. XCOM 2 Collection for Android will cost $ 25 / € 28, ie in the range 540 – 720 CZK. There will no longer be a system of transactions in the game itself.

XCOM 2 Collection

Publishers of the popular strategy promise effective use of touch controls and perfect tuning for phones and tablets. The game will be available for devices with Android 9 or later and will require a minimum of 8.5 GB of storage space.

What strategies are you playing on your mobile now?

Source: Feral Interactive

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